Content Management System

The content management system CRM is the backbone of every website. CRM helps to manage the website content. Using CSM, you can update your website content daily to a daily basis.

Content Management system you do not need to code for functionality all functions are customized already according to your service and product.

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is popular CMS that handles your website Design and content very smoothly. WordPress is a user-friendly and SEO-compatible CSM with many predefined features and plugins that help to make your website.

For a basic website, WordPress is usually a great solution

Codex Technologie Custom CMS

Custom website content management systems work according to your business or service requirement.

SEO-ready CMS that you do not need to do extra work on the content SEO part of the website.

We make an admin panel that can have all access and the admin can control the other user’s permission on the CMS within the organization. Different teams, and services with admin give different roll and assign the task using CMS.

CMS is also can manage for internal teamwork of your organization. Track all work and flow of employees using Custom CMS.

We can connect many third-party API to your CMS for More different functionality. Also, we connect the CMS to your CRM so you can also get an idea behavior of your user and interaction with your website content.  

Custom CMS is Speedup the website because we developed on your requirement. Readymade CMS has lots of plugins and functionality that make the website heavy and reduce the speed of the website.



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