What is PHP?

Technically PHP is a server-side scripting Language. Using PHP, we can make flexible websites and products. PHP is an open-source language we can easily download and is free to use. Most of the technology is integrated with PHP Development. PHP can make custom fast, flexible, effective dynamics solutions. PHP Support all browsers and many types of database integration that easy to manage your data using the PHP framework.

We visit more than 78% of websites in PHP programming language on the Internet. Every 10 out of 8 websites in the PHP platform. PHP is the most preferred platform for many services and businesses.

Many popular websites are run on PHP like Facebook, Canva, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mailchimp

Benefits of Choose PHP Development

Open-source: it’s an open source free to download and uses the PHP framework.

Dynamic: Using PHP You can dynamic platform for user and interaction. Much dynamic functionality and multiple activities can do.

Customize: PHP frameworks is a highly customizable major platform across the web to integrate and support PHP frameworks.

Secure: PHP is a Server-side scripting language it is secure more than major other platforms.

CostEfficient: You have to not be required to purchase the license for using the PHP platform because it’s open source and free to use. You have only cost for development.

Need a custom PHP web design and development?

What does Codex technologie Do?

Custom Website in PHP: According to your business needs we customize your website and integrate your third-party API according to your requirement.

Design: We are built attractive designs that make your website a neat and clean website. According to your content, we make design your web.

 Responsive:  Now Website responsiveness is the important part. We make a responsive website that any device and user can interact easily on any device.

CMS: We develop a content management system that you can easy to handle the website content, on a daily basis and easy to manage the content if you are not even technical. CMS helps to keep your website data updated.

Update and Maintain: We Update your website according to the latest updates and maintenance. We keep your website secure and the latest technologie.



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2. Gathering all information and your queries and requirement.

3. Our team provide a great proposal and the timeline of the project

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